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Thread: what every shop includes list.

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    Question what every shop includes list.

    Hello, i guess this thing will help any of us.

    Currently in my account at merger 8001 i have more than 250k crusade shop coins and more than 50k coins for every shop in game. the problem is i never find something good in shops.

    Sure there are rune levels which doesnt worth when you sweep, so i think about buying that rune from shops but, i think i need a list which rune appears in which shops. Current situation is just waiting for odin rune to appear but it never appears and i dont even know which shop to refresh for odin rune. I am sure some shops has no chance to give you odin rune but i am still spending my coins for it.

    Can you please solve this problem devs.

    Thanks for reading. Have a nice day

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    Forwarded this in the past, though I can reforward this suggest if you want me to, just mention me again.

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