(...) A lot of times the game seems to freeze as her troops are coming and players are unable to port (...)

This game is really bad coded now, and Elex doesn't give a damn to it. When I started playing it in december 2015 / january 2016 on Android it was very fast, flow and responsivess. There weren't any ads, even one. With GSM cellular net it was playable.
Now my Android phone is no longer good for it, map is jerky and stutters with every pane, each time i go inside castle i have to wait few seconds in total freeze, mostly for ads to be loaded. The game is no flow even on WiFi, doesn't mention cellular net where the game is non playable at all (HDSPA, not GSM to be clear). There are many other issues, nonconvenient dragon interface (it was much better in the past), freezing to death chat, mostly when kingdoms war is on, freezing Dragon Campaing and mor
It looks like this game is in alpha stage now, not even pass any beta tests. Shouldn't be released at all at this state. I even wrote to google about this, but they just ignored me - it is not their problem.
And this was a main reason i stopped playing, not wars, not bullies, not P5/P6/P7 problem. This game was most frustrating due to bugs at each corner. I reported many of them only to see that Elex is not interested in such reports.
The facebook is full of complaints but they are making new videos with some dancing faggots, uhm ... Paladins or sth like that.
They put many resources to everything except fixing the bugs and repair everything they broken.

They gave P7 to strongest players, without that there was nothing to do anymore. They will create P8 and then P9 and more. It is only a matter of time. They don't care about a balance in it. Important is to give an enjoyment to strongest ones.