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Thread: Ask us your questions!

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    Ask us your questions!


    Are you new? Perhaps need some questions answering? Post below and questions will be answered . Also know that at a later point I will add a Simple Q&A on here to Answer questions that arise a lot

    Q: Can I access more than one account on a Device?
    A: Yes, by clicking your Lord and hitting the settings button in the lower right corner will redirect you to a menu in which FB/Google play or FB/Game center is accessible

    Q:Can I have multiple COK accounts on Facebook?
    Y:Facebook has a unique log in system allowing you to log into the account you wish to access

    Q:What is a Kingdom moderator?
    A: Kingdom moderators are players who monitor the chat system, enforce rules, and help new players

    Q:Are moderators part of tech?
    A:No, we are not, we can come and go as we please

    Q:Why does it take IOS so long to update?
    A: Apple must approve application updates

    Q:My traveling merchant disappeared is this a bug?
    A:No my Lord, he is probably traveling to another Kingdom check again tomorrow

    Q:Will there be more superfarms in the future?
    A:My lord at this time it is currently unknown

    Q:I have an abusive moderator in my Kingdom what can i do?
    A:My Lord, I am Sincerely sorry on behalf of our mod,Support,and Dev teams that such a problem has arisen please contact our support team through the Help & Support board with the problem. Please attach screenshots that show the abusive behavior. Our Game Masters will investigate and take action accordingly

    Q:I Suspect a Player is Cheating. What can i Do?
    A:Contact Help & Support with proof of possible cheating

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    i am facing a problem, i Bind one account with Game center and other with FB but now the 3rd one still shows its bound with FB.. So have i somehow lost my second account? I did same as i do in COK is it somehow different here?

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