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04-02-2015, 07:58 AM


A【HERO-SPOTLIGHT】is a topic for each Hero where we open the red curtains and put a big spotlight on a Hero. These topics are created with a purpose to contain not just official informations but also each and every player opinion regarding the specific Hero on the spotlight. It is like a wiki of the particular Hero but with a greater purpose. It contains not just useful information about the hero but an all-in-one, one-stop Guide for each Heroes! In partnership with the Players and the We Heroes' Developers who knows the Heroes inside-out, along with The GMs and the help of moderators, we hope to clarify every tiny inch of each Hero Information, we wish to enlighten and open your minds about the existence of these mighty Heroes.

In this【HERO-SPOTLIGHT】topics you are free to ask clarifications, opinions, tips, advice, suggestions, bugs, or even create a story of the particular Hero. You can also post videos and and pictures, and by doing so we can create a gallery that highlights each Heroes' unique skills, various body movements and poses, whether it be funny, wacky, or cool ones.

In line with this, we want to encourage everyone to participate in every【HERO-SPOTLIGHT】discussions, or better yet, create【HERO-SPOTLIGHT】topics that are not yet available. Let your legacy be known, your topic will remain through time and it will let everyone know that you were one of the first few who ever managed to decipher a Hero's Mystery. We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

You can check the current available【HERO-SPOTLIGHT】topics here:

Right now its a bit empty, but with your help, we can fill it up in no time!

Cheers to a happy community,