View Full Version : Hero Exquisite Portrait View

03-12-2015, 07:09 AM
We Heroes has set up for each and every hero a display area specially dedicated to let these show-off heroes present their elegant full-length portraits. In addition to this we’ve also set up an animation effects display, and the heroes have all expressed relief that finally they don’t have to be squeezed in together with 4 other folks from their team! Every hero has a room of his or her own.

Picture Display
In the hero details interface, not only can you see their gear status, skills, and attributes; now you can also appreciate their sumptuous full portraits. It turns out, under the heroes cartoony exterior, there is a gentle heart or else a person who just wants to be cool.
By clicking on the buttons at the bottom, you can toggle between picture display, skill display, and attribute display.
If you tap on the vertical portrait area, the picture will be enlarged to take up the whole screen. The details are even more clear!

Animation Display
Tap the animation display area (see the red box in the picture below), and you can watch all of the hero’s 5 animation effects, including: walking, victory, attack 1, attack 2, and other skill.
Using a picture that can’t show the animation is fine, but everybody should go to the game and check out the real thing!