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Willian De Souza Rosa
05-23-2015, 01:10 AM
Alliance: More than Warrior
Title: The day the snake

More'm a warrior am a survivor of a story belong to a clan,
it was one of the most powerful kingdom 108 and the biggest rivalry that can describe a history of Russian emperors, against the Brazilian resistance .The day the snake smoked, brave leaders that even though the minority braved the empire that was destroying our kingdoms, They pillaged and took our land more say to revolt and hatred so sodificou a vitality to resist but a great war was about to starts everything started, 1yr ago when we declare a war against the Russian Empire on strong determination we send our legions fall on their allies and cornering the aniquilandos mercilessly
It was a espertacula Military Trench Coat for the Brazilian resistance over 2 million machando troops with incredible speed our leaders were sure of victory over our ingnorancia became increasingly larger, 3-day attacks and we had destroyed more than half of the empire over to a cost of our legions was huge dai hear the attack that baptize the day the snake smoked terrible Russian leader sends all his troops against our leader estimate that our legions to destroy easily and leave them without reinforcements the brave soldiers last and died at the scene this desicadeou both the output of our leaders how much the disintegration of the living clan rises a burden of an ancient clan are a survivor.