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03-11-2015, 10:18 AM
Wishing Chest Entrance
In the main town there is a treasure chest emanating a mysterious glow. This is the entrance to the Wishing Chest.
There are two kinds of Wishing Chest: Gold and Silver
You can draw treasures from each one for free, or also use diamonds to draw.

Drawing Treasure
There are many different kinds of treasure in the treasure chests: gear, soulstones, scrolls, etc.
Opening the silver treasure chest gives Great Exp Potion, and opening the gold chest gives Cheese.
Furthermore, the first time you draw 10 at a time, you will definitely get some good stuff!

Note: The silver treasure chest opens for free once every 10 minutes, and every day you have 5 free chances. You should definitely take advantage of your free chances. As soon as cooldown is over, go back and draw again. Count the days until you’ve collected all of the heroes!