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Smile :)
03-27-2015, 03:54 PM
First is first, this game is really slow... They don't dump heroes on top of you, you need to either grind them slowly or stick with original heroes and grind gems from arena to purchase new heroes.

Starting heroes.
I'm not positive, but the first team you should get is Steel knight, voodoo elder, vasilij, dark wizard and storm. These heroes are a relatively good starting group, you have a semi-tank/damaging front line hero, some middle lane heroes with useful ultimates, but a weak back hero. I still use storm, her ultimate is devastating against all opponent possibly killing their back row.

How to get new heroes?
Well, you need to gather soulstones which magically summons a full grown hero for you. These should stone are ridiculously rare for some reason... You need unlock elite levels which you should before or around team level 20. You fight the boss and get his soulstone, but you can only do this 3 times a day with limited drop chance. Then you need to patiently wait a day and do it again tomorrow. I'd say you average 1 soulstone/3 attempts, if you want a hero I recommend resetting the counter once every day so you have 6 attempts at soulstones.

Common team layouts.
1 front 2 mid 2 back -
Pros: often used in arena and effective against opponents unable to destroy your front hero or reach your back heroes.

Cons: If you are against a nightmare you will end up in a devastating defeat because nightmare will imprison your front hero and let their units attack your weaker middle row. Not enough tankiness if up against 2 front row heroes. Not much front row melee damage if you rely on one guy to tank.

2 front 2 mid 1 back-
Pros: most commonly used layout. Mid heroes typically have the best ultimates and when protected by 2 front heroes lets them stay safe while charging energy. 2 front heroes allows more versatility for a high damaging melee front row hero e.g. Flame Ninja.

Cons: Area of effect spells can kill mid row heroes while still behind the tanks. Powerful single target spell casters will single out your tank and kill them or even kill your middle or back row heroes. Not much damage being dealt without using spells.

2 front 1 mid 2 back-
Pros: my favorite line-up. Has 1 tank up front like Steel Knight, Werewolf, or Kraken and one melee damaged like Flame Ninja or blademaster* This allows for high damage to be given to their front Heroes. 1 mid hero with an AoE ultimate and relatively high hp to counter opponent AoE. 2 back heroes both with single target ultimates that will shred the enemy's front row.

Cons: mid row hero can be taken out by lots of AoE damage, back heroes also could be vulnerable, single target abilities do less damage total. After they destory your front row there is hardly room for a comeback.

I'll add more later, going back to play atm

- Kronos :)