View Full Version : Declared War Status & Translator is glitching

01-21-2017, 04:35 AM

I seem to have a lasting technical issue with this Declare War function.

I have hundreds of players in my world map, whose names are RED in colour YET not declared upon. One common trait is that they all have been declared by me before. However, when the declaration expires, they do not turn back WHITE.

This is causing alot of problems as when i go to attack, i find out that hey... Some of these players were not declared upon even though they were red, and I end up wasting precious time, alerting the enemy and giving them time to react to my sudden attacks.

Please rectify.

Also, my translator keeps failing to convert languages, nothing happens when i click translate.

My group chats also have ghosting problems, in which people talk and i can see the 'red dot' notification, but NO chatlog.

For these 3 issues, I have tried resetting the cache on numerous occasions, but the problem still persists.

Is it just an issue for me, or does anyone have this?