View Full Version : Pearl equipment effects are not very useful

Николай Павлов
07-19-2016, 10:52 PM
New Pearl hero has rather strange equipment choices. Specifically it states “physical basic attack”, ultimate and green skills are physical as well, purple skill has physical buff, attributes show no “ability power”, yet

Blue+2 equipment buffs ability power (greater then it buffs attack damage) and magic penetration. (Useful buffs: attack damage, energy boost, 2/4.)
Purple+1 equipment buffs ability power (again, greater then it buffs attack damage). (Useful buffs: attack damage, energy regen, energy boost, 3/4.)
Purple+1 skill buffs both ability power and attack damage (in equal proportions), wasting half of its power.

07-28-2016, 02:05 PM
If we are looking at pearl. Could we look at the third skill? It says it buffs the target with highest attack power, which I understood as attack damage, aka the ad stat.

It doesn't, in a lineup with a 45k power Mira and a 39k power Jolie. The buff goes to Jolie. Since the skill says attack power, does Jolie count as ap+ad skill? Mira got 600 ad more than Jolie, so it doesn't go for that.

And to stay on topic, yes pearl only have 2 useful equipments, it's sad and kills the diversity.