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Николай Павлов
07-18-2016, 06:01 PM
Consider the following actions:

Start game.
Scroll to and tap “Exit City”.
Use “zoom out” gesture (place two fingers on the screen and move them close to each other). Requirement: one of the fingers must be placed first (a few milliseconds is enough, human beings consider this “at the same time”) and it must be placed on “City Wall” icon at the bottom.

Now most actions in the world map cannot be used. Specifically you first see whan you normally see when tapping on “City Wall” intentionally. After you tab “back” button at the top-left corner of the city wall popup you can no longer

Select any object visible on the world map (checked cities, mines, monsters). It neither actually works nor show any animation usually shown when tapping on them.
Go back to your city. Tapping “Back” in the top-right corner shows animation, but nothing is actually done.
Use “Relocate”, “Castle”, “Intel”, “Favorites” or “World map” icons. Animation is still shown though.

Still you can

Open chat (using an alliance icon, conversation icon (for groups) or by tapping on the chat messages (to get to world chat)). Closing and writing there also works.
Buy something (not actually tried, but necessary screens appears when tapping on plus or dollar signs).
Open mail.
Go to the “City Wall” using icon at the bottom.
View VIP priveledges.
View profile (what you see when tapping on your icon at top-left corner).
Hide controls (circle with backslash at bottom-right corner) and show them again.

The situation after “Exit City” is ridiculous. First, before “City Wall” icon was introduced I constantly hit “Relocate” icon when doing zoom and then had to tap it again to remove relocation points that pop up. If I am using zoom I must not hit any controls. Screen is too populated to use only “free” space for zoom gesture.

Second, default zoom is absolutely useless, it is too zoomed in. I have no idea who may consider that too big image fine on a phone, I get only 9 cities (my and 8 around me) available for tapping without hitting any surrounding controls. Only 16 are visible. First thing I do after tapping “Exit City” is zooming out, and I would actually zoom out further then game allows me if I could.

Third, game does not bother to remember zoom status after restart.

Client version is