View Full Version : Gridlock shield buff

Bruno Menezes
03-13-2016, 07:38 PM
After some updates gridlock shield don't apply
For example
enemy blaine ult and inflicts silence
My gridlock ult while my team is in silence
free from silence
but don't add shield

Flipdruid ZeroFive
03-14-2016, 04:32 PM
Hi Bruno,
Before some updates, this issue didn't occure?
Good day.

Bruno Menezes
03-19-2016, 12:23 PM
Before the shield always worked
the shield is add when the hero is "healed" from the silence status
the silence status disappears but the shield dont work

06-01-2016, 08:50 AM
Did devs notice that? I dont know if shield doesnt work or it just not can be seen. Please fix that.

06-04-2016, 05:18 AM
I know this thread is dead long ago but that problem still persists???

Herzon Cruz
06-04-2016, 05:55 AM
It's because the shield only activates when the team is affected by silence. Then the silence is replaced by the shield.
If the team is not affected by silence, then it's just a buff like Coco's ultimate, but with anti-silence protection.

Bruno Menezes
06-07-2016, 12:29 AM
i know of the circunstances
but bow the problem is fixed
The shield now apply perfectly after free from silence.

06-07-2016, 02:20 AM
i dont see neither the shield!

06-07-2016, 02:28 AM
Also need to be fixed the new Dragon Boat Dumplings Event it is impossible to a free player get 156x Dumplings! only vip6+ players have chance to get 156x Dumplings!

06-09-2016, 08:11 AM
Problem solved, offtopic started, thread closed.