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  1. Why can't I open the game?
  2. Payment/Purchase Issues
  3. Bug reporting
  4. bug in the game
  5. Have you lost your account??
  6. Troubleshooting Techniques
  7. Facebook temporarily unable to log in the game due to your account data error
  8. Facebook 7 days the game dont load facebook-pc
  9. Facebook Reset Lord Skills Item Doesnt work
  10. Facebook Second mega mine/farm
  11. Android Game crashing
  12. Android ARC Welder: Running CoK App in Chrome
  13. Android Need to escalate an issue
  14. Android Unable to log in to the game due to ACCOUNT DATA ERROE
  15. Android Log in
  16. Facebook loading issue
  17. Facebook need help with bug on fb friends
  18. Android The Game Won't Load
  19. iOS iphone download fore new update
  20. iOS IOS Bugs..
  21. Android New Accounts
  22. iOS Cannot bind account using ios
  23. Facebook Castle turret upgrades cost too much gold.
  24. Facebook Can't Switch Account
  25. Facebook Range building for achers
  26. Facebook Visual Bug Range
  27. Android Uppgrade problem stil not fixed!!!
  28. Android Blacksmith issue
  29. Facebook alliance teleport
  30. Android Kingdom war stage reward cant claim reverting to zero points
  31. Android Pls. Help me for recover my Unbind Castle A/C.
  32. Android hacked
  33. Android bug in members list
  34. Facebook No play in facebook
  35. iOS Problem In Support System
  36. Facebook Please Help! Cannot Unbind!
  37. Android MINING level 8 very strange
  38. Android parchment issue
  39. Facebook Chat broken
  40. Facebook I want to unbind my account from facebook
  41. Android Kindle Fire
  42. Android Can't Translate
  43. Facebook Missing Archers
  44. Android translation is not working any more on any chats or messages
  45. Android Chat messing up android, map messing up facebook
  46. Android wishing pool
  47. Android Sell account kingdom 9
  48. Android "You Temporarily unable to log in the game due to your account data error"
  49. Facebook Facebook share
  50. Facebook Linking facebook
  51. Facebook Is this game legal?
  52. Android Temporarily unable to log in to my game due to account data error
  53. Facebook Wrong level equipment forged
  54. Android Cok server issues or hacker? Please help!!!
  55. iOS Cannot collect resources!!!!! SERIOUS BUG!!!!
  56. Facebook skill points after new update
  57. Android i cant change my account
  58. Facebook skill point issue
  59. Facebook lord skills
  60. Android google+ problem
  61. Facebook Its Stupid.. But its a Bigg issue..
  62. Android Skills- unable to use active skill
  63. Android Mail issues
  64. Facebook bug with new skill points..food and wood interchanged ?
  65. Android Long standing issue. getting tired of this.
  66. Android kindle fire
  67. Android Mega mine can't be demolished
  68. Android Active skill buttons not responding
  69. Android cant go to mail
  70. Facebook Issues with skill points Develoment
  71. Android Issue in last update
  72. Facebook i have 2 problems
  73. Android Issue with mail system after the most recent update
  74. Android alliance fort functions don't work
  75. iOS when we will have update?
  76. Android I can't use my active skills after the update
  77. Android unable to use skills even after update
  78. Android Superfarm not allowing a full march?
  79. Android 2 problem
  80. Android More than one problem
  81. Android I cant help to build
  82. Android Bug kings ability
  83. Facebook Turret+GOLD bugs
  84. Android Soldieres return to the castle
  85. Android find system verison
  86. Android Messages deleting by the game
  87. Facebook Active Skills not working
  88. Android Mail
  89. Android skills not working ??!!!
  90. Android Messages deleting by game
  91. Android Disappearing of skill points
  92. Facebook Want Report some player in K42
  93. Android Not completing harvest
  94. Facebook Alliance Information pages won't load
  95. Facebook Super mine turret
  96. Facebook Can't place Turret in what should be a suitable location?
  97. Android Account has been banned!
  98. Facebook Lord Rename item use - -Invalid operation
  99. iOS Skills points problem
  100. Android My account Hacked
  101. iOS Some bugs
  102. iOS Energy active skill
  103. iOS alliance chat
  104. Android Open mailbox hang
  105. iOS Zoom out
  106. iOS Alliance Food farm.
  107. Android active skill cannot use
  108. Android Loosing Turret Defense Bug
  109. iOS Still 1.0.9 version we need Update.
  110. Android i cant donwload the new version !!
  111. Facebook Farm income base + bonuses doesn't add up.
  112. Android possible hacking?
  113. Android Alliance fortress requirement
  114. Android Hacking
  115. Facebook Account error
  116. Android No login reward for 4th day login
  117. Android help ... avatar pic not changing.....
  118. Android Switch account bug
  119. Android About protecting the weak player rules
  120. Facebook i Cant log in and play this game on facebook
  121. Facebook Shield but still can attacked
  122. Android Hackers found
  123. Android The update doesn't work properly on my Samsung galaxy note 3 phone
  124. Android alliance food farm bug
  125. iOS Still 1.0.9 version come on!!!!!!!
  126. Facebook Loading stuck at 90% on facebook!
  127. Android mitril design
  128. Android Fortress building
  129. Facebook Kindle usage
  130. iOS Server down?
  131. Facebook settings not found
  132. Android Support
  133. Android Alliance sawmill yielding wrong resource
  134. Android Alliance turret shoots at members after alliance name change
  135. Android Active skills
  136. Android Can't zoom out with Samsung Tab S after update
  137. Android Latest update needs to be fixed
  138. Android Big Alliances Cheating And Game Says Their Accounts Are Normal
  139. Android After updating 1.1.3 when chat pressed, its auto-restart.
  140. iOS Account Data Error
  141. Android Everyone read this!
  142. Android can't exchange forge materials with sealed letter
  143. Facebook Page not loading
  144. Facebook Facebook account
  145. Facebook 3rd time today not loading on FB
  146. Facebook Game not loading
  147. Facebook wont load again
  148. iOS Aid bug abused by player
  149. Android Zoom bug after update 1.1.3
  150. Android hacking, cheating or bug abusing
  151. Android Email system bug (can't read emails)
  152. Android Message to all kindle users
  153. Android I can't send mail, access mail, or request help from a MOD or GM b/c of glitch
  154. Android mail and translation problems
  155. iOS Update 1.1.1 buff no work
  156. Android Blessings
  157. Android Mail and chat bug
  158. Facebook Most Alliance Buildings are bugged, Depot crashes game.
  159. Facebook Need a MOD to contact me
  160. Android Messaging Down
  161. Android Trouble With Dark Knight Event
  162. Android Fix the clash of kings bugs petition!! Mods look here!!!!
  163. Facebook unbinding from pc without other device? cant find any fb friends!
  164. Android Support for Tablets?
  165. Android Problem not recieving gold after collecting from mail
  166. Android problem of my reset lord
  167. Facebook Some weird bug/glitch when attacking a monster.
  168. Android Bug with max capacity of RSS Buildings.
  169. Facebook Can't log in
  170. Facebook bugs
  171. Facebook Bug in Walls
  172. Facebook Shop Bug
  173. Facebook please help ..
  174. Facebook Help
  175. Facebook alliances that are useing gold hacks
  176. Facebook game crashing all time
  177. Android BUGS that need sorting
  178. Android Big bug, can't communicate in game
  179. Facebook Kingdom 581 available but not able to jump
  180. Android e-mail
  181. Android Member list
  182. Android Bug alliance tower terrytory
  183. Facebook Cheating on Kingdom 147
  184. Android top donator didn't get rewards
  185. Android lost troops after territory wars
  186. iOS Kingdom 33 Botting by TWA and HKG alliance
  187. iOS Stamina Lord Skill Point
  188. Android Power lost
  189. Android Teleportation
  190. Android Lost power
  191. Android Mail
  192. Android Gold seller
  193. Language issues (500 gold reward) [FOR ALL PLATFORMS] [ENGLISH ONLY]
  194. Facebook Chest won't open
  195. iOS Invite button missing?
  196. Android new mail won't open
  197. Facebook Troops lost /powers lost many affected
  198. Facebook Muted for reporting cheats
  199. Facebook game keeps crashing works realy slow
  200. Facebook Facebook log in problem
  201. Facebook Unable to log into game since 7am us eastern through facebook, /Firefox
  202. Facebook Can't get game to load on computer!
  203. Android Not enough resources, becoming unplayable
  204. Facebook connection to seerver error
  205. Facebook Unbind Facebook account
  206. Facebook Troops movement
  207. Facebook Troops disappearing ?
  208. Facebook Unable to use skill points
  209. Facebook Can't read Messages/Screens
  210. Language issues (100 gold reward) [FOR ALL PLATFORMS] [OTHER LANGUAGES]
  211. Facebook mystery gifts
  212. Facebook log in problem
  213. Facebook here d photo of my log in...
  214. Facebook Banned For Nothing
  215. Android Chat history
  216. Android Lost Power
  217. Android rover achievement
  218. Android is this a bug?
  219. Facebook How to reset account on facebook?
  220. Android Bonus to Capacity of Resource Buildings not actually adding to the Capacity
  221. Android K92 troops marching error. IMPOSSIBLE TO FARM
  222. Facebook Problems using the facebook app on PC in firefox
  223. Android How long is the Server Maintenance going to take!?
  224. Facebook problems in gathering the resources and moderator of the game
  225. Facebook Quick Select troops not working after last update.
  226. Facebook "FREE 350 gold"
  227. Facebook Mouse binding broken Firefox - scrolling
  228. Android Dark Knight Event ended at Level 18 with no defeats
  229. Android Activation code for anniversary of COK....
  230. Android Issue with instant skill for traps
  231. Android Banned accounts
  232. Android info about deleted troops
  233. iOS Bug sealed envelop in merchant
  234. Facebook This made me laugh!
  235. iOS Update 1.1.3
  236. Facebook Alliance Science research Bug
  237. Facebook Game Not Loading!
  238. Android 20-30 Consistent Crash
  239. Android Fix chat histori.
  240. Android cheating?
  241. iOS Kingdom view does not show all troop loads
  242. Facebook Not able to build Alliance turrets
  243. Facebook Again and again
  244. Complaint
  245. Facebook Bugged Tower
  246. Android Warning Facebook reload fraud
  247. Facebook Attacked while bubbled. Wtf??
  248. Facebook Cheating on Kingdom 507 (LoK)●DRAGON●REIGN●
  249. Android Mail and Messaging NOT Working
  250. Android No one can send me resources.