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  1. Dev Suggestion Collection - Important
  2. [Suggestion] Split the Arena ranking according to Kingdoms again!
  3. [Suggestion] Refund breakout and remake the system
  4. [Suggestion]"Need help"-buttons that send push notifications to alliance members
  5. Changing server
  6. Suggestion: increase the number of EXP received from Proving ground
  7. [Suggestion] in making this game more equal
  8. [Suggestion] Increasing sub-forums
  9. Suggestions Thread (Discontinued, unsticked on May 9, 2017)
  10. To Do List Rewards
  11. Some suggestion
  12. Suggestions Guidelines
  13. Let alliance leader/elders kick troops out of mm
  14. Soulstone farm quest!
  15. Sue + Smoke combo is broken
  16. Tower Defense Nerf
  17. Alliance War Suggestion
  18. Breakout Changes
  19. Minas de medicina
  20. Suggestion: Soul Wish
  21. Suggestion: New Game Mode "Catacombs"
  22. Pls nerf ALL free2play heroes to make the game fair again
  23. [Suggestion] Mine Search Function
  24. Healing "GoldFinger"
  25. [Suggestion] Removing Boring Stuff
  26. [Suggestion] Make A No VIP server
  27. Ruby's Big Problem
  28. rank arena
  29. Suggestion: Hero Sorting options.
  30. Item replacement - hero group item
  31. Merlynn ultimate problem
  32. Remove dragon prayer
  33. Crusade difficulty scaling
  34. Mega Mine System
  35. Sound
  36. [Suggestion] Add a new thing for VIPs
  37. Group chat (Improvements)
  38. Hero skills issues
  39. Sebastian Energy Monopoly
  40. Mine Regeneration & Mine Clearance Reward
  41. Robin ultimate or energy regen need a nerf
  42. Quality of Life - Wall Health Display
  43. Ideas for Next patches
  44. alliance for monitoring improvements
  45. Diamond prize for other mode rank
  46. Lucky Treasure - no luck involved
  47. Hero group changes
  48. A very serious problem in my opinion ! Devs must know !
  49. A crazy Idea
  50. Bonus Raid (Alliance)
  51. Murphy !!! Change her back to NORMAL !!! VOTE HERE GUYS !!!
  52. A New type of Team building
  53. Elite Crusade need to be balanced
  54. The WAR should be promoted
  55. Sebastian Ultimate + Merlynn Summons Problem
  56. IMPROVE! Make another 4 smaller Thrones, 1 per Kingdom !!!
  57. Some equipments need a revision because of the Dragon Prayer power boost
  58. Crystal dungeon stage save
  59. ideas
  60. Chavez paradox
  61. exchange abyss treasure stuff
  62. Arena Reward System
  63. Pandarus' new update features.
  64. Heroes buff suggestions
  65. Ban immunity token for Elite Raid
  66. breakout modification
  67. No awakenings for updated heroes please?
  68. Edwin Issues
  69. Select multiple messages
  70. A few New Heroes
  71. Remove arena position for inactive players
  72. Hero Glow Indicator
  73. Island Crusade Idea
  74. suggestions for new and old heroes
  75. Let us borrow heroes for alliance duel
  76. Rearange Tower Defense before first start
  77. Healing effect nerf in arena and world map
  78. [Discussion] The events are for who?
  79. Word Map Improvement
  80. event Hungry Dragon
  81. Turn chavez to physical damage
  82. Chat Improvement
  83. Viewing Hero Equipment
  84. coco new ultimate problem
  85. Chaging Default Notification Sound
  86. Open Kingdoms, let war reign!
  87. Critical damage atribute at late game
  88. Revised confirmations, mostly for world map actions
  89. online reward
  90. Alliance Name Change
  91. strengthen the AP heroes as well
  92. Alliance Kingdom Change
  93. Some kind of server.
  94. [Speed up] Alliance CD
  95. resource change system
  96. Sebastian Ultimate need a little buff
  97. Thanos need a new 4th Skill
  98. rune forge shop
  99. Runes with worthless stages (URANUS, TITAN AND ODIN)
  100. Search Function for Monsters
  101. Chavez ultimate need a little fix
  102. Hero Brawl - Skip Button
  103. Get some stuff up to date
  104. All heroes suggested by others
  105. Soulstone shop - spaming the aliance chat
  106. [Idea] Alma Awakening Skill
  107. Change kingdom
  108. [Idea] New Emily Skills
  109. [Idea]Pulan awakening
  110. Super Balance Thread
  111. Stoneskin Aura not working with Alma Ghosts
  112. Stoneskin Aura Issues
  113. Include to Malachi in a group
  114. Improve Malachi power and defenses
  115. Magic Rush - Lite
  116. Annoying thing about notifications, what can be done
  117. Change arena reset time
  118. [IDEA] Royal arena [ structure ]
  119. Eager/Patient options for AI use of items
  120. Making a Market of Talent Cards
  121. It is time for a Purge! (New event)
  122. Facebook fights
  123. Make advanced build actually useful for the alliance
  124. Soul exchange modification
  125. Refresh for Alliance Shops
  126. Monster Rally Update
  127. War Guardian Endless
  128. Default Values For Monster/Mine Search
  129. Proper Hero Purple Abilities
  130. Add “Turf Status” tab to the “View Status” page
  131. Adding Daily Buffet 1 & 2 To The Stamina Purchase Window
  132. fighting for rss
  133. One click equipament feature
  134. [idea] Bibo's Awakening
  135. Mergers and ranking rewards
  136. [Idea] Magic Squares Intercept Fort Change
  137. [idea] Gerber's Awakening
  138. My thoughts on AD Heroes
  139. GERBER Captain Skill
  140. [Idea] Release a new farmable Legendary
  141. Increase Subterra event opening hours
  142. Rally Monsters everywhere
  143. Rally Monster System to get up-to-date with high level players
  144. Subterra Improvements
  145. Remove All Messages & Lock Message Buttons
  146. [Idea] Throne War Participation Reward List
  147. MRH public API?
  148. STOP Overwhelm
  149. Refund System
  150. [Fix] Vortex need to be fixed
  151. Edwins castration - an open letter to devs
  152. Resource Trading
  153. Peace shield update
  154. [Idea] Let us change our runes fragments
  155. Shop Idea: Beast Soul and Talent
  156. [New Thing] Endless Battle
  157. Kingdom Wars & Wars in General
  158. We need more AP legendary heroes in the Wishing Pool discount shop
  159. Some suggestions that I came up with so far.
  160. Safe Zone
  161. Grunks awakening
  162. War Guardian Revamped
  163. Elite Crusade: Replace Banning with Power Limit
  164. Making the game faster and less of a chore
  165. Dragon scale event needs better rewards
  166. Global Market
  167. Alliance history
  168. Thanos awakening/ Pumpkin feast
  169. Here's a great little idea.. Actually fixing stuff vs only saying that you did.
  170. Lineup-Battles
  171. World Map Design & Navigation // Scouting Interface
  172. Balance Horror Story Heroes
  173. Lucifer - Sky City / Dungeon
  174. anti-sleep heros
  175. DragonScale event: use a REAL randon generator with decent entropy
  176. Thanos Group
  177. Leon skill change/awakening
  178. Nerf coco awake
  179. Soul Exchange reverse order
  180. I am hacking now fuck u all noobs
  181. Anyone having this problem with Chavez
  182. Bibo's Bullet
  183. Alliance Resource Share
  184. Coin Trade Shop
  185. Send your quick suggestions here!
  186. Team Shield Captain Skill need to be reworked
  187. Hero Compare screen
  188. Refresh Tab
  189. Skorpion Set need to be nerfed
  190. Our latest shafting-- War sancuary
  191. Krash awakening
  192. Crystal Spire hero choosing
  193. UTHER SKIN is too strong!!!
  194. what every shop includes list.
  195. Gmail account forgot password