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  1. Problema ao tentar realizar compra de diamantes
  2. My Account login somewhere else
  3. How to Quickly Resolve a Problem or Bug?
  4. Not enough ELDER slots
  5. [Suggestion] Peace Treaty
  6. [bug] Merlynn (and sometimes other heroes too)
  7. [Bug] Crystal dungeon and sweep mode
  8. FIX my ALMA
  9. [BUG] Star2 Alma
  10. Gridlock shield buff
  11. Crusade
  12. problems in seventh equipment
  13. Bug with " Collective Purchase"
  14. Cd impossible to pass a new layer
  15. Megamine Relocation Card cooldown too long and please reduce the price :P
  16. in-game sound & heroes voice problem
  17. Account Security / Lost Account
  18. Bug in new Elite Team Raid mode (mass insta-death)
  19. Change to IOS from Android phone
  20. Desperate for medicine - Merger 14
  21. Some heroes bugs
  22. Lufia Ward Bug
  23. Chavez!
  24. Why west ultimate don't steal life while in effect of gridlock ultimate?
  25. New Aurai
  26. 99999 xp
  27. New Merlynn
  28. New hack!!! Player attacks with 6 heroes in heroes brawl
  29. "Hero does not exist" bug in Team Raid
  30. Update Merlynn
  31. Problem cd dmg
  32. Dragon Prayer power scale....
  33. Blaine's silence ignored by opposing Blaine
  34. Gearz: Life Steal Level, Energy Steal and Energy Boost
  35. Diaochan's 4th skill description error
  36. Elixir bug
  37. SERIOUS BUG On Lates Update: Cant Switch Accounts
  38. Devs Made Getting MEDS Even HARDER
  39. Bug: Murphy's Heal
  40. Diaochan bug in war guardian
  41. Zoe ulti on CD
  42. Tower Defense: Tank Avoided
  43. Merger 501
  44. ODIN rune missing from all market
  45. Yuan: Shield Bonus still remaining.
  46. Diamond and essence bug
  47. World map controls void
  48. When starting game it always states I have new mail
  49. Crystal dungeon battle data error
  50. Pearl equipment effects are not very useful
  51. My card is blocked by google...
  52. Alliance Turf RUINED Throne Wars!
  53. Hero Brawl - quit before first fight doesn't always subtract brawl chances
  54. Gearz atacking totem only
  55. Problem with Pandarus, Gridlock and Gorgona's soulstones
  56. Alliance Gift Freeze Bug
  57. spar ult
  58. Malachi needs a big fix
  59. [Bug] Magic squares
  60. Equipment not used in automatic battles, or are too late
  61. Magic wheel event is completely unfair
  62. Lost Signal = Infinite Loading
  63. Delphos soulstones in Time Traveler Market
  64. Time traveller does not appear after Murphy got gold hexastar
  65. Borrowed hero messes the saved lineup in elite team raid
  66. Chat has ridiculously large number of issues
  67. Leon Need Buff His Skills Probably Not Working Correctly [ Important Thread ]
  68. Oh, boy...! Game will function for Few Seconds only, Freezes and Dies!
  69. Blue Stacks hacking
  70. Alliance Fortress Cannot be Repaired
  71. Leon's Battle Roar (2nd Skill)
  72. Update Compensation
  73. DEVS Taking ADVANTAGE Of Players
  74. Merger50 Update Happened right in the middle of Xmas Super Gifts
  76. BUG on Account Screen
  77. BUG on rewards claiminig from inbox
  78. Declared War Status & Translator is glitching
  79. Sound problem
  80. GM or hacker
  81. Pulan Awakening bug
  83. Candy tree don't apply bitter taste to enemys
  84. Cant send stamina to facebook friends
  85. Hack?
  86. Sue's 'special guest'??
  87. Send your quick bug reports here!
  88. Reinforcement time mismatch!
  89. Food event bug
  90. Access bug
  91. Elite stage reset problem
  92. Small alliance chat
  93. 3 bugs reported, when can I expect a fix?
  94. Magic Rush Heroes - BugReport - Bedivere Awakening
  95. BugReport - Stormfall