Magic Rush Subforum Rules

Welcome to the subforum of Magic Rush: Heroes, residing in one of the Elex forum corner.
Here you can follow our update announcement, discuss strategy, plan hero lineups and suggest your idea to the game.

Quick Inputs
Suggestion Forms - They are sent to developers monthly.

Bugs Form - Reported to developers weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: May I ask some questions about Clash of Kings please?
A: Sorry, you are on the wrong subforum but you could go to Clash of Kings subforum, if you want to browse other languages other than English then please navigate to this subforum.

Q: I lost my account, please help!
Q: I want to report a bug, it keeps ruining my game.
Q: I would like to suggest a idea to the game, where do I do it?
Q: I am in test servers, I would like to give feedback about it.

A: Please navigate to this link in order to get instructions on how to contact with support team, there will be a form to write there but however if you want to do more detailed information, do it on respective subforums. BUT no matter what reason, account recovery should be made in game, not on forums.

Q: My post doesn't appear when I post it.
Q: I can't create a thread, I don't even see a button to create new threads.
Q: Help, I can't upload my own custom user avatar

A: Forum users with less than 5 post counts will not be able to create new thread by their own, unable to use custom avatars except from preselected avatars from Clash of Kings characters and needs their post to be verified by moderator before it can be shown to public, once you got 5 post counts (if still does not then 6 post counts will surely do) then your posts will no longer need to be verified by moderators and you will have privilege to create a thread.

More to come soon.

Rules and Guidelines
By using this forum, you are expected to do listed rules and guidelines to create good atmosphere of this forum otherwise warning, infraction, temporary or permanent ban depending on offense. Guidelines are there for idea in posting but rules must be followed in any circumstances.

Infraction can accumulate until the player is banned or each infraction points may slowly expire off.

  1. Be sensible and civilized, you should know what to 'do' and what to 'not do'
  2. Not to spam the subforum in any kind or form
    - posting multiple posts or long posts or combination of both mindlessly
    - posting same post in multiple locations without proper point
    - spam of image or video are also counted as regular spamming
    - any methods that are meant to disrupt the communication
  3. Not to excessive formatting and capitalization
  4. Not to excessive usage of vulgar words, that means you are still allowed to use vulgar word to emphasize subject(s) BUT not to direct the insult or being the guy who always scream with vulgar words
  5. Respect other users and not insult them in any way
  6. Stay on track with thread topic or subforum topic, otherwise will be moved to respective place or delete the thread/post
  7. Prohibited actions, listed will be deleted upon sighting along with infraction points:
    - account marketing and advertisement
    - third party program distribution (macro, hacks and cheats)
  8. Prohibited subjects, this only applies to actual contents though using such words to emphasize your posts is accepted:
    - politic
    - porn
    - gore/violence
    - illegal drug(s)